20 facts that tea lovers should know about

  1. 16.
    Always use fresh cold water when brewing. Boiled water that has cooled will affect the taste of the tea.
  1. 17.
    Yellow tea is the most exclusive of the tea. There are two reasons: In China yellow is the color of the emperor, and the production of yellow tea is much smaller.
  1. 18.
    Yellow tea always contain whole leaves and making it is similar to green tea. After roasting, the moist and warm leaves are left for cooling under a blanket of linen. This form of drying keeps the nutrients but at the same time get rid of the grassy taste. The tea tastes mild, smooth and sweet, sometimes even with some buttery and nutty taste.
  1. 19.
    You can get rid of bad smell in t he shoes by placing a teabag in the shoe. If you have a scented tea it will smell even better.
  1. 20.
    There is a Russian proverb saying “The road to heaven goes through a teapot”.

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