How to Earn Money from Posting Ads

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There is a reason why there are so many bloggers and vloggers nowadays. They all want to make money via online ads. When you post good content, a lot of people would want to follow you. It won’t be long before brands would come calling in and asking if they can advertise in your website. Here are a few ways you earn money when you post ads from these companies:

Affiliate Marketing

You will post a banner on your website about a certain brand. When someone clicks on it, you will automatically earn a certain amount. Thus, better be strategic about where you will place the ad. A great idea would be to put it in the upper right portion of your website. Also, the brand must be related to what your website is all about. For example, if you have a sports website then the ad should be about sporting equipment.

Ads on YouTube

Have you observed how there are some ads right before every YouTube video starts? Those are from companies that paid the video channel. You can expect them to only want to do business with video channels that have a lot of subscribers though. Why would they do that with people who only have a few followers? Due to the millions of YouTube users, it would be impossible to not become a member. Besides, it is becoming easier to edit your video with the availability of video editing software programs. Those programs are pretty easy to use since the controls are self-explanatory. You just need to choose a topic that is popular and make sure your video has high quality.

Paid Instagram Posts

Instagram influencers who have more tens of thousands of followers have brands calling them to collaborate. They will usually require the influencers to post something specific on their Instagram account. The more likes your posts get, the more chances you have of getting brands who would want to collaborate with you. They will certainly look at the engagement in each post as it would be better if a lot of people would reply to the posts. That would confirm that your followers are real people and not bots. Thus, it would be best to use the appropriate hashtags in your posts to increase your followers and likes.

In conclusion, there are many ways to earn online from posting ads and you don’t need to spend much in terms of capital. As an influencer, you just need to avoid getting into controversy as that would make people want to unfollow you. For example, it would not be wise to make controversial comments about recent headlines. Some may agree with your statement and some may not. Those who will not agree with your statements can choose to unfollow you and there is nothing you can do about that. You may not even know who among your followers did. It would be better to avoid commenting about controversial stuff and stick to what you do best and that is making content on your website.

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