Vitamin D

14 Signs That Warn You About Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D

You might love to bask in the glory of the sun and unintentionally soak in all the vitamin D which is present in abundance in sun rays. We take the importance of vitamin D for granted and we are generally not aware of the benefits of this element. Sun is a natural source of vitamin D but what will happen when the luminous summer days are over. Deficiency of vitamin D brings about a lot of health ailments so much so that the doctors have to prescribe artificial intake through tablets apart from encouraging the patients to include more vitamin D rich food in their diet.

Some of the food items which are rich in vitamin D include milk, fish, cheese, egg white, citrus fruits like oranges, salmon, liver of beef, to name a few. The omega 3 present in fish is highly beneficial to mitigate the deficiencies of vitamin D and increase the immunity of our body.

Some of the health ailments that are caused due to deficiency of this vitamin include rickets which is prevalent in children and osteoporosis which is commonly found in middle-aged and old population. The deficiency of vitamin D causes your bones to weaken.

This article aims to shed some light on the signals that might warn you that your body is facing a deficiency of vitamin D.

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